What to do next……………..

1. Arrange a viewing by contacting us on 01253 292222.
2. If you wish to apply for the property once viewed, you must complete a ‘Right to Rent’ form, these may be
obtained from our agent at the viewing, collected from one of our offices or you can download one from our
website www.broomheads.com.
3. Complete the application form and bring into our Church Street office together with the information overleaf.
Each adult aged 18 or over and children who will have become 18 by the expected move in date must each
complete their own form and supply original identification (as specified in the form) to our Church Street office.
Once the form and identification have been accepted by us for each relevant person you may then go ahead
with the actual application form which can be issued by either of our offices.
Please note – We take on more than one application for each property.
Please ask if there are any applications on that property when applying.
4. Once all information is received and the application is complete it will be sent to the landlord of that property
and their decision is final.
5. If your application is successful then a moving in date will be arranged and all advance rent and deposit will become payable upon moving in date.
6. If unsuccessful the completed application can be moved over to another property (once viewed) and is valid for
3 months. The ‘Right to Rent’ form is only valid for 28 days, so it may be necessary to complete another one of
these forms before we can transfer your application.

Application Information Required

1. All applicants 18 years and over, and any children who will be 18 by the expected move in date, who will be
living in the property must complete an application form.
2. 3 months most recent bank statements per applicant.
3. Three references: –
• Current landlords address, phone/fax number, email details.
• Employers/Accountants address, phone/fax number, email details.
• Character – (not a relative and different if more than one applicant) fax number, email details.
4. Proof of benefits received (dated in the last 3 months)
5. 3 months most recent wage slips
6. Any other information which may help your application
7. A credit check is done using Equifax Credit Reports. If your credit score comes back lower than the pass score
you must provide a guarantor

Guarantor Information Required

1. An application form must be completed as above.
2. 3 months most recent bank statements, wage slips and any other accounts that show sufficient funds in them.
3. Minimum of two references: –
• Employer or Accountants address, phone/fax number, email details.
• Character – (not a relative and different from applicants)
4. Photo identification and any other information to aid the application.
The guarantor must be able to prove their income is sufficient to pay the monthly/four weekly rent repayments
after paying all of their own expenses on an ongoing basis. The guarantor will be required to be on the Tenancy
agreement for the duration and will be liable if the rent is not paid by the tenant within 7 days of the due date.
The guarantor must pass the credit check.

Other Information

The application may take up to 10-14 days to complete and any missing information will delay the application.

If a guarantor cannot be provided we would ask for an increased deposit and/or more rent to be paid in advance..
If you have not been resident in the UK for the last three years, we will be unable to do a credit check and you would
therefore be required to pay an increased deposit and/or more rent in advance

Please find below, Tenant Application forms, including all tenants fees and rental terms and conditions.

Rental Application Form

Right to Rent Form

Tenants Fee Schedule JUN19

Property Mark – Client Money Protection Certificate

Property Mark – Client Money Protection Conduct Rules